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8-Week Mastermind
Are you ready to launch into business right now and breakthrough all of the negative resistance that stands in the way of your success?

Our Design It Mastermind is a Play-Full-Out 8-Week Program for serious participants who want to be 6-7 figure earners!


** Individual’s experiences shown here are not typical. Their experiences are their opinion and are an example of those who have found satisfaction with our course. They do not represent a guarantee of success. Your experiences may vary.

Sales Mastery Program
Sales is simply asking the right questions to help your client clearly see what they want. To ask the specific questions that allow them to see how solving the current struggle or pain they are experiencing can shift them towards their desired state.

12 Month Mentorship Program
Imagine what would happen to your business if you were in a 12-month program specifically designed for you to apply all of our proven marketing strategies to your business.

How would your business look if you were part of a small group, a support team, where everyone was dedicated to your success? More importantly, what would your life look like?

Our Mentorship is a comprehensive and strategic 12-month program designed for you to WIN in your business and WIN in your life.


The Journey to Greatness Continues!

It's time to extend to this experience, and I want to be a part of the journey, and I want my team and my coaches to be a part of that journey as well!

After you have gone through The Now Academy programs, you are not going to be done with your journey, and you're not going to be done scaling. 

That's what the 7-Figure Inner Circle is all about.

I've designed an entire year of world-class 7 figure business strategies for you. This is the path for continuing to strategically build and scale your Purpose-driven Business to Scale and create more Impact & Income!

Start Your Inner Circle Journey Now


Every single month we're doing trainings that teach you how to grow your business and learn the top marketing & Breakthrough strategies on how you can and grow your business NOW!
WARNING: The BBM Online Academy Is Limited To Only 100 People - Enroll NOW and your first month is ONLY $97

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